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Details: Danchuk has gone over the top this time!! Reproductions of 1956 taillights have been available in the industry for years, but not anything like this. We started with a perfect set of originals and then began the process of making all the tooling 100% in the United States of America. We copied every curve and contour and made six different molds for all the castings. Then we made numerous stamping dies for the bulb sockets, gas door parts and even the original style clip that safely holds the wiring in place. After all parts looked and fit together perfectly, we sent them out to get the best quality chrome plating money can buy. The end result is a set of taillight housings that are absolutely breath taking. We include all mounting hardware, reflectors, seals, gaskets and a pair each of our spectacular red taillight lenses and clear back-up light lenses to make these ready to installl and enjoy. If you truly love your classic 1956 as much as we do, then order a set of these today! Danchuk #1045 will fit any 1956 classic Chevy model. Made in the USA.

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